I’ve said for years now that my boys will never die of a heart attack.  They just don’t hold on to stress long enough to effect them in that way.  And while having ADHD is a challenge for sure, there are some “blessings” that come with the territory and that is one of them.

My boys know how to live in the moment.  When they are engaged in something, they are totally immersed in it.  They are neither rehashing the past nor are they worrying about the future.  They are living in the moment.

As a mom, having children who only live in the moment presents some challenges.  Learning from one’s mistakes doesn’t happen.  Looking ahead to the future is just as absent as the future is only about 4 seconds away.

But, I’m one of those half glass full folks.  And rather than focus on the challenges of having children with ADHD, I prefer to look at those things that make these children special.

Living in the present is one of those things.  And I have certainly learned a thing or two from them over the years.  My boys really know how to enjoy the moment, to fully engross themselves in the activity at hand (as long as it interests them), and to be distracted by nothing.  To be fully present.

Wow!  What a gift!  And as a parent of children with disabiilities, I have also leaned to live fully in the moment, to truly enjoy the moment I am in, because who knows what the next moment will bring?  But I can tell you there’s always room for growth.  And I'll learn a lot from my children because I don’t know anyone better at this skill than my them.

So, while our vacation at the beach this week was drowned out by the downpours, my children didn’t seem to mind one bit.  They found other activities to engage fully in like racing their remote control cars they built and watching movies and just plain ol’ hanging out.

If you ask my children if they enjoyed their time at the beach, they’ll tell you, “Sure!”  For them, it’s been a week of being away from the busyness of their usual lives, which is quite busy, if I say so myself.

Being in ministry is a privilege we are humbled to be a part of.  It also means our lives are not always our own at times and my children share their Dad’s time with others.  So, to go away for a week and have their Dad to themselves is just wonderful for them—and me, too.

So, in the big picture of things, their priorities are in the right place.  Spending time with family is important to them.  What we do as a family is of less importance.  Living in the moment, enjoying whatever it is we choose to do, rain or shine, has been a wonderful way to spend our week together!