A Phone Call From School

The phone rang as I was getting ready to pick up my children from school. As usual, I glanced at the number on caller id and, not recognizing it, I let the answering machine pick up. I heard the voice of a teacher at the high school who I used to work with 14 years ago. She had just met my son.

I quickly picked up the phone, wondering what kind of news I’d be hearing from her. Isn’t it odd that, considering the enormous number of reasons I could be getting a phone call from school, my mind always immediately thinks, “What could it be now?”

How pleasantly surprised I was when she proceeded to tell me that she had met my son at the school blood drive today where he was helping and what a wonderful young man she thought he was. She went on to say more, sharing also that my husband and I had done a wonderful job of raising our son.

Wow! What a phone call that was! It didn’t just make my day because of the kind words she shared. I was so blessed that she took the time out of her day to call me to tell me this. My son had made an indelible impression upon her and she chose to stop what she was doing and share that good news with me. It sure made my day!

It also made me think. Of lots of things, to be honest. Over and over again, though, I felt thankful that all the hard work of parenting we’ve invested over these 14 years was evident. You know, there are many times I’ve wondered if I’ve made the right choices when it came to parenting. What parent doesn’t?

I’ve second guessed myself, regretted decisions, apologized for actions, stood my ground on non-negotiables, advocated for their needs and tried to protect them from life’s harsh realities.

That’s what parenting is all about. There’s no play book to follow, no instructions for easy assembly, no blue print to read. Nope. Just a lot of love, prayer, wisdom, boundaries, consistency, values and the like. And lots of mistakes, too, which we’ve used as opportunities to grow and learn.

I am so very grateful for that teacher who chose to look up my telephone number, call me and share her heart with me for a few minutes. It helped me to see that things were coming together in my son’s life and gave me encouragement to continue doing what we’re doing with our children.

And it made me so grateful that my son is who he is. Sure, he has some special issues which make life a bit more challenging for him and us. But he’s a great kid! He has a heart of gold, filled with kindness and compassion for others. He is always ready to help out and lend a hand where needed. And he does it all with a smile!

He’s a wonderful person, if I say so myself, and I’m so very blessed to have him as my son!