Be Yourself

Masks. We all wear them at times. We wear them when we have an argument with our spouse moments before we are walking in to church. We wear them when we don’t get the job we so desperately wanted but tell ourselves we didn’t really want it anyway. We wear them when we pretend things are fine when our feelings have been hurt by a friend.

There are times in our lives when we feel the need to wear a mask for a short time. Perhaps it’s not the right time to have a particular conversation or we have an important meeting to attend and need to push the hurtful situation to the back of our mind. So we do our best to attend to the tasks at hand until we can effectively deal with the issue at hand.

Problems arise when we wear our masks all the time. When we try to be someone we’re not nor were ever meant to be. Problems begin when we believe that Sister Susie has all the right friends and Brother Bob is liked by everyone. We begin to put on our masks so that we can be just like them and be liked by them. It’s exhausting work though.

We’re not supposed to be just like anyone—except us! We have been divinely created, special and unique, in the image of our Creator. We aren’t supposed to be anyone except who we’re created to be. That’s the great thing about each of us. There’s never been anyone just like you in the history of the world and there’ll never be another you in the years to come. You’re a one-of-a-kind creation, fashioned by the perfect Creator himself.

Peace stirs within us when we begin to accept ourselves as we are. Sure, we all have areas of improvement we can work on. And it’s important to ask the Lord to change and transform us so we can be more like Him. And surrender to the process.

But it starts with acceptance. Of ourselves first and foremost. And of others. Because, after all, they’re on the same journey we’re on. Choose today to celebrate the person God created you to be. He loves you—completely, unconditionally, fully, always. There isn’t another who will love you like your Abba Father does.

Embrace your self. Your strengths, your areas of improvement, your quirks and all. Be yourself! No one will ever be better at it than you. You're a perfect fit for the job. So be the best you you can be! Enjoy yourself. Enjoy life. There's so much to enjoy with the right perspective!