Oh, The Places You'll Go!

It’s Monday afternoon on a very rainy July day.  Here I sit enjoying a few peaceful moments alone, basking in the peace and quiet.   Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?  It is.  And I’m savoring it because I know it won’t last for long.  Why, you ask?

In a few minutes twelve 7-9 year olds will return from practice at the gym and the last thing it will be here is peaceful or quiet!

This week I am at gymnastics camp in central Pennsylvania with my daughter.

I’m a “cabin mom,” supervising a cabin full of young girls, many of whom are having their first experience with being away from home.  It’s been exciting so far, to say the least!

I’m here for another six days.  By then, I’ll be utterly exhausted from lack of sleep, famished and in need of real food and probably a bit crabby if I’m totally honest.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  We are making memories this week that are irreplaceable and oh, so cherished.  Mikayla is growing in so many ways while she’e here and enjoying every minute of it.

We’re also making memories with our boys this summer.  Andrew is volunteering at the local humane society.  He’s only 10, so you know what that means—I am volunteering at the local humane society this summer as well.

And every time I think about going there for a few hours and how many other things I would rather be doing, I remind myself of just how much joy my son gets from being with the animals.  He’s a natural caregiver.  He’ll feed and water them, clean them, play with them, pet them or just sit with them.  Whatever they need he’s thrilled to oblige.

And it’s just wonderful to see him in his element.  As much as I think I’d rather do other things, I wouldn’t trade this for the world.

Even my oldest has a full summer.  And while I can’t do all of the things he does, I do make sure to not just drop him off at karate class several times a week, but rather to go inside and support and encourage him.  Sure, there are things I can busy myself with while I’m there, but all he wants me to do is watch him.

He desires my time.  And attention.  To communicate that he is important and loved.  Free for the asking, but oh, so valuable.

So, while part of me would rather be doing other things—more “important” things (I’m being transparent here)—I know that there’s no more important place for me to be than with my family, whatever they are doing.

In the blink of an eye this summer will be gone.   So I enjoy as much as I can, sharing moments and making memories with each of my children–wherever that may take me.

Where will you go this summer?