The Lazy Days of Summer?

While we've heard summer days referred to as lazy, I wouldn't quite describe mine that way!    If yours are, then good for you! Don't you feel recharged and refreshed when you are able to spend some time doing something you enjoy--or nothing at all?


If your days are more like mine, several parts crazy, several parts fun, all parts busy -- you still have a few weeks of summer left to schedule some time to relax.  I encourage you to take out your phone and put it into your calendar right now.


Don't let another moment go by without taking care of yourself. Otherwise, it will get put aside with so many other tasks that you'd like to do but don't get around to doing.


Scott Sorrell has said, "You make the world a better place by making yourself a better person."  Now, we can read a lot of very deep meaning into this if we want to.  But it's summer, so I choose to keep it relatively simple and straightforward.


When you take time to put your needs ahead of others, you are caring for yourself--physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  And when you are healthy in all those areas it impacts all the other areas of your life.


Everything you do, every word you speak, everyone you interact with, is more positive and that positively impacts your world and theirs.


Let's face it, we've all had those days when we woke up late, the children missed the bus and had to be driven to school, we were late to work, had a staff meeting we forgot to put on our calendar, came home to a sick dog, burned dinner and just couldn't wait to get to bed so the day could come to an end.


We're human.  We've all experienced it in one way or another.  And when our "self" reserves are empty, we find ourselves responding to these situations in ways that are anything but God-honoring.  And I feel sorry for all those who happen to be in our path when we're responding that way.  Are you with me on this, friend, or am I the only one?


But when we schedule some time for ourselves on a regular (whatever that means to you) basis, we can respond to those snags life throws us very differently.


•    We can let them go rather than fixating on them and ruining the   rest of our day.

•    We can use humor and maybe even laugh at ourselves in spite of it.

•    We can pray it through and ask the Lord to use these circumstances to teach us what He'd like us to learn.

•    We can resort to Plan B (or C or D if necessary) and handle all that's happening a different way.

•    We can forgive ourselves and keep moving forward.

•    We can model healthy responses to our children, church family, friends and those around us.  (They are watching!)
Taking care of ourselves and scheduling time to recharge ourselves is not only a gift we give ourselves, but one we give to everyone in our lives. Rather than reacting with a short fuse, we're able to take a deep breath, think things through and move forward with a healthy perspective.


We begin to find joy in the most unexpected places and to realize that the world does, indeed, keep turning even when we're not in charge. We begin to live in and savor each moment rather than worrying needlessly about the outcome of our future.  In essence, we learn to live again.


Many women tell me they can't "find" the time to do this.  Well, friends, we don't "find" the time because time isn't lost.  We must learn to use the time we have well and to take care of one of our most precious resources given to us by God--ourselves.


You are a one-of-a-kind, original masterpiece.  There's not another like you in the universe.  Take care of yourself.  You're important and you matter--to your loved ones and to God.  Give the gift of time to yourself and to others today.


If you'd like to share some ways you recharge your batteries, feel free leave your comments below.  If you're feeling stuck in this area and believe I can be of help to you, please contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!