Once upon a time, I was an exhausted woman trying hard to keep up with the demands of every day. I was a pastor’s wife, a mother of three (two with special needs), and involved in so many things at church. I had no spare time at all.

Busy doesn’t begin to describe it!

I wasn’t always exhausted and miserable. I had a zest for life, excited to begin each new day. Somewhere along the way, I exchanged joy for hustle and bustle.

Despite all the challenges I faced, my eyes remained steadfastly on Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our faith. I pressed into God looking for answers. He met me in my time of need and showed me my purpose. I discovered the joy associated with staying true to His call.

I became a student of life’s many lessons and viewed them as opportunities for growth. I strove daily to learn something new, and life changed drastically, for me and my family.  I was excited for each new day again!

I was transformed from barely surviving to thriving in the peace, joy, and freedom God gives me.

My journey from overwhelm and exhaustion to clarity of purpose empowers me to encourage and instill hope into my clients today. I find great peace and joy in the pursuit of God’s call, and I hope to journey with you as you discover and pursue your own purpose.

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