About Coaching

Coaching is a partnership in which we identify your values and goals and explore the possibilities of change. I will support you through your decision making and commitment so you can improve your life in real and meaningful ways.

As a coach, I work with you to identify your God-given purpose and help you create a life that aligns with it. We'll explore what's been getting in the way of that peace and joy you so desire. Whether it's fear of saying "no," losing sight of what truly matters, or lacking clarity about God's desire for you, we'll work together to find clarity and get you on track.

Coaching is not just about achieving goals, but about the journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and confidence.

Long before you actually fulfill your purpose, you will find peace in its pursuit.


Not at all. Consulting is directive as the consultant is hired as an “expert” in the field. Counseling is not quite as direct as consulting, but may offer advice to a client. Coaching is non-directive. As your coach, I will come alongside you to help you move forward toward your goals. I won’t tell you what to do; I’ll help you come to your own conclusions and make your own decisions, and I’ll support you along the way.
Most anyone! Coaching focuses on growth, improvement, clarity in one’s personal and/or professional life. Coaching does require that the client take an active role in coaching, and I may even suggest “homework” for you to do outside of our coaching sessions.
I work with my clients either virtually on Zoom or over the phone. This allows you the flexibility of having a coaching session from home, work or even when you’re out of town. I typically coach my clients three times each month. I have found that this frequency helps to sustain the growth and progress you are making while still providing flexibility in your schedule.
Through our coaching relationship, I will help you clarify your goals and identify manageable steps to achieving them. Coaching can help you understand ways you may be blocking yourself and identify strategies you can use to overcome blocks to your success. My clients often report the following benefits from coaching with me: Increased clarity, identify their purpose, prioritizing what matters most, increased confidence to make needed changes, identifying and enforcing personal boundaries, reframe thinking, enjoy less stress and more peace in their lives.


Each coaching package includes:

  • A pre-coaching assessment to help us connect and identify goals before we begin our work together.
  • A welcome package to help you get comfortable with the coaching experience.
  • Pre-session questionnaires for you to focus your thoughts and share a brief update so we can make the most of our time together.
  • A personalized approach to help you reach your unique goals.
  • 45-minute coaching calls conducted via Zoom
  • Exercises and homework tailored to your needs
  • A post-coaching assessment so you can see just how far you’ve come and celebrate the work you’ve done!

Getting Your Feet Wet

A 90-day experience to get you started on your journey to clarifying your purpose and creating the peace you desire in your life.

This package includes:

  • Nine (9) 45-minute coaching sessions via Zoom or telephone
  • Email support in between sessions so you can continue the progress you’re making
$900 one-time payment or two payments of $450

Deep Dive

This package is for those who want to go deeper and transform their lives from the inside out. Identify God’s will and create a life that aligns with it, prioritize what truly matters, identify roadblocks, create healthy boundaries and walk in the joy that you’ve been desiring.

In addition to the benefits listed above, this package includes:

  • (18) 45-minute coaching sessions via Zoom or telephone
  • Email support in between sessions so you can continue the progress you’re making
$1800 one-time payment or three payments of $600

Smooth Sailing with the REALIFE Process™

Here, you’ll gain clarity and confidence as you learn to do life through The REALIFE Process™. You’ll enhance your daily life and relationships by integrating your “being” with your “doing” to create a life of purpose, peace and joy.

Through this process you will:

  • identify what matters most to you
  • clarify your needs and values
  • identify your important areas of focus
  • make progress on the things you value
  • plan your time so that you spend it doing what matters most
  • create rhythms of rest, renewal and review so that you continue to grow and make sustainable progress even after our time together

You’ll also receive a “Do What Matters” book and guidebook and additional tools to help you through the process and to put your new information into action.

$2100 one-time payment or three payments of $700

Groups & Workshops

Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker or a facilitated workshop for your group, I will customize them to your group size, needs and desired goal. From intimate discussions with your leadership team to inspiring large groups through my keynote speeches, I am excited to work with groups that are ready to grow.

My coaching groups offer the power of coaching combined with the gift of group support to celebrate with you in establishing and meeting desired goals.

Whether a weekend retreat, daylong seminar, luncheon or dinner meeting, I offer customizable messages to meet the unique needs of your group, offering practical tips and truths that each participant can apply to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Sample of Coaching topics:

  • Live Life and Love it! Creating the Life You’ve Always Wanted
  • Boundaries: When Saying No is the Right Thing To Do
  • Busy Women Balancing Life: Taking Control of Your Everyday Life
  • Life in the Ministry: Balancing Your Personal and Ministry Needs

Sample of Event themes:

  • Finding God in the Busyness of Life
  • Don’t Just Survive ~ Thrive!
  • Studios and Office Suites: How Men and Women Communicate
  • Serving From a Place of Joy
  • God’s Divine Creation ~ You!
  • Can You Hear Me Now? The Father is Calling You
$2100 one-time payment or three payments of $700

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